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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

Me: *leaves fandom because its tired of their shit and it was a fucking pain in the ass* [time passes] Me: oh, I wonder how is the fandom doing? Im sure everything cooled down and there must be some interesting new fanfics to read. Me: *comes back* ugh, nothing has changed, DISSAPOINTED BUT NOT SURPRISED…but who the fuck is wasi?


The Hero Shirt Collection! 

Modelled by the cast of Choices Hero for @miss-twombly hope you like it!

Links to individual posts:

Grayson / Dax / Eva / Poppy / Caleb / Kenji / Alex


Aaaaahh!!! LOOK AT THIS SUPERB HERO SHIRT COLLECTION by @kenjkats ! I wanna add them all in my warddrobe and keep it there forever! even the models! Hohohoho! 😂❤️🙌🏼✨

Thank you so so much for this incredible masterpieces! You fail to impress us with your marvelous talent @kenjkats ! 😄👏🏼💖

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